BioMedic 葆療美 滋潤霜 60 1 oz
[BioMedic Retinol 60 1 oz.]

BioMedic 葆療美 滋潤霜 60 1 oz
BioMedic Retinol Cream is a revolutionary product designed to meet the needs of physicians in the treatment of environmentally damaged skin. BioMedic Retinol Cream rapidly minimizes signs of aging through the exfoliation of dead cells in the stratum corneum. It utilizes Retinol in combination with selected moisturizers and emollients to help transform dry, scaly skin into smooth, evenly pigmented skin. Designed to reduce the signs of aging - fine lines and surface wrinkles - the regular use of BioMedic Retinol Cream can substantially rejuvenate your skin's appearance, promoting a healthy youthful glow. Available in three different concentrations of retinol, BioMedic Retinol Cream is a safe and effective formulation that can be easily integrated into any patient's daily regimen.
- For oilier skin
- Pharmaceutical airtight packaging
- Safe exfoliation of the skin
- Increases cell turnover
- Significantly reduces fine lines
- Visible results

容量 : 1 oz. / 30 ml

關於 BioMedic:

在2001年為了強化醫療通路競爭力,歐萊雅集團併購美國重要的果酸保養品牌 BioMedic,併入理膚寶水實驗室之下。
法國歐萊雅集團 (L'OREAL) 是全球第一大化妝品集團,除了一般的專櫃及開架通路,也積極進軍醫學美容領域,集團旗下有薇姿 (VICHY) 與理膚寶水 (LA ROCHE-POSAY) 專業醫學美容實驗室。

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