Bath & Body Works 全新閃亮星砂 100ml
[Bath & Body Works Fragrant Body Care Shimmer 3.4 oz]

Bath & Body Works 全新閃亮星砂 100ml

This luxurious fragrance mist provides a soft, radiant shimmer with a touch of fresh fragrance.


SIZE: 3.4 fl. oz./100 mL



Cherry Blossom 盛開木棉
Light and alluring, this fresh scent combines the heady fragrance of spring's first blossoms with soft, delicate musk

Black Raspberry Vanilla 覆盆子香草
Luscious. Enticing. And velvety smooth. Sweetened berries are warmed with creamy vanilla to create this soft, intriguing fragrance

Moonlight Path 夜月小徑
Lavender. Roses. Violets and musk. The heady scents of a garden at midnight are blended into this soft and sensual fragrance

Brown Sugar & Fig 焦糖無花果
This enticingly warm fragrance combines ripe fig, creamy coconut milk, caramelized brown sugar and soft, velvety musk

Sweet Pea 甜美碗豆
The scent of violets mingling with sweet pea petals is heaven on earth, and the inspiration for this delicate fragrance

Warm Vanilla Sugar 溫暖的香草糖果
Vanilla. Coconut. Basmati rice. And a touch of soft sandalwood. Together, they're the inspiration for this rich and cozy scent



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