Bath&BodyWorks 芳香療法精油體霜 5 oz.
[Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Body Cream 5 oz.]

Bath&BodyWorks 芳香療法精油體霜 5 oz.
Aromatherapy Body Cream

Smooth on our rich cream to nourish and soften skin, balance your mood and relax the body.

容量 : 5 oz / 142 g

  • Sleep - Lavender Vanilla 薰衣草香草
    true Lavender (which helps to promote tranquility) is infused with deeply soothing Vanilla and other calming essential oils.
  • Relax - Sandalwood Rose 檀香木玫瑰
    Asian Sandalwood (a natural stress reliever) works in synergy with soothing oils such as luscious Rose, which is highly regarded for its balancing properties.
  • Sleep/Calming - Orange Sandalwood 柑橘檀香木
    Orange (which lifts the emotions and calms the mind) works in synergy with comforting Sandalwood to ease you into a restful sleep.
  • Energizing - Orange Ginger 柑橘薑花
    bright, rejuvenating Italian Orange essential oil is matched with fresh, stimulating Ginger to invigorate your senses.
  • Sensuality - Ylang Rose 伊蘭樹玫瑰
    exotic Ylang essential oil, with its ability to arouse the senses, beautifully complements sensual Rose absolute, prized for its calming aroma. Together they help evoke positive emotions and instill a sense of inner peace.
  • Sensuality - Jasmine Vanilla 茉莉花香草
    Jasmine (said to inspire a relaxed awareness), Vanilla (favored for its soothing nature) and other comforting essential oils work in synergy to help promote a sense of harmony.

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