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Prada 有色防曬護脣膏 SPF15 0.05 oz.

Prada 有色防曬護脣膏 SPF15 0.05 oz.
Shielding Balm SPF 15/Lip/Tint

Prada 有色防曬護脣膏 SPF15
After many requests, Prada created a tinted version of its best-selling Shielding Balm SPF 15/Lip/Tint.

The new formula is available in five tints:
• Tint 01, dewy pale beige. 露濕淡棕色
• Tint 02, velvety nude rose. 柔嫩玫瑰色
• Tint 03, lustrous soft peach. 光澤蜜桃色
• Tint 04, buffed clear berry. 拋光純淨霉果色 - 缺貨中
• Tint 05, creamy chocolate. 乳脂巧克力色
• Tint 06, soft red. 綿綿的紅色
• Tint 07, pale pink. 淡粉紅色

FOR: Dry, chapped, uncomfortable lips.

容量 : Each mono dose is 0.05 ounce.


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