Laura Mercier 刷具

Laura Mercier 刷具
Laura Mercier Brushes

Laura Mercier 刷具

Laura Mercier designed these fifteen professional makeup brushes for use with her products.

Her products are specifically packaged without applicators because of the importance she places on using the finest tools available. All brush hairs, shapes and sizes were precisely created to pick up, hold, and apply make-up in the best possible way for each individual product. Laura has made sure that all of her hand-crafted brushes are made from the finest materials, whether natural or synthetic. Due to this high quality, the brushes are made to endure for years.

1. 遮瑕刷 Secret Camouflage Brush  $1129
2. 蜜粉刷 Powder Brush  $2409
3. 遮瑕蜜粉刷 Camouflage Powder Brush  $1199
4. 腮紅刷 Cheek Colour Brush  $1889
5. 平面眼線刷 Flat Eye Liner Brush  $1094
6. 角度眼影刷 Angled Eye Colour Brush  $1213
7. 尖頭眼線刷 Pointed Eye Liner Brush  $1188
8. 平頭刷 Crew Cut Brush  $1253
9. 眼線刷 Eye Crease Brush  $1213
10. 眼影刷 Eye Colour Brush  $1165
11. 眼影棒 Corner Eye Colour Brush  $1146
12. 眼影刷 Pony Tail Brush  $1289
13. 修眉刷 Eye Brow Groomer  $535
14. 雙頭眉刷 Eye Brow Brush - Double-Ended  $1,429
15. 唇筆 Lip Colour Brush  $1,059

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