Nature Made ??(????D,K) 750mg 300??
[Nature Made® Calcium 750 mg + D + K 300 tables]

Nature Made ??(????D,K) 750mg 300??
Nature Made® Calcium 750 mg + D + K

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Nature Made® Calcium 750 mg + D + K is better than regular Calcium in that it is specially made for you. How? With the combination of Vitamin D3 (a more absorbable form of Vitamin D) and Vitamin K (Vitamin D improves Calcium absorption, Vitamin K helps maintain bone health.?), Calcium absorption is increased by up to 65% over taking Calcium alone. You get the essential Calcium you need while getting absorbed better for maximum bone health. Now you can get this special form of Calcium from Nature Made, a brand you already know and trust.


Supplement Facts
Vitamin D3 500 I.U. - 125%,
Vitamin K 40 mcg - 50%,
Calcium 750 mg - 75%.

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