Bath & Body Works 歡沁迷你組合 - 月夜小徑
[BBW Pleasures mini set - moonlight path]

Bath & Body Works 歡沁迷你組合 - 月夜小徑

含有蘆薈, 葡萄籽, 維他命E & C, 能提供肌膚所需要的滋潤與養份

組合內含 :
1. Bath & Body Work Pleasures 香水身體噴霧 4 oz.
Use a damp washcloth or mesh sponge to smooth this fragrant cleanser over skin. Rinses clean to refresh and condition.

2. Bath & Body Work Pleasures 香水身體乳液 4 oz.
Use daily to leave leave skin soft and scented. Enriched with concentrated natural moisturizers to smooth and soothe all skin types.

3. Bath & Body Work Pleasures 沐浴精 4 oz.
Spritz all over for a refreshing splash of your favorite fragrance.

香味種類 : 月夜小徑 moonlight path

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