Kiehls 刮鬍乳霜 - Green Eagle 5 oz.
[Kiehls Close Shavers Squadron Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream - Green Eagle 5oz. Tube]

Kiehls 刮鬍乳霜 - Green Eagle 5 oz.
契爾氏 Kiehls 刮鬍乳霜 - Green Eagle

A rich, moisturizing cream preparation for an incomparably close shave. Leaves skin soft and smooth. For optimal effect, these rich, concentrated formulations should be applied in a very thin layer to avoid clogging the razor and impeding a close shave. Contains peppermint oil, as an alternative to menthol, for a "cool" shaving experience.


含有豐富的植物草本精華, 具有殺菌清涼的效果, 讓你每次刮完鬍子都很"Cool"~~! 水水們, 買個送男朋友, 讓他 man一下囉~~

容量 : 5 oz. Tube

特別優惠:KIEHLS 部分訂單滿三千元,可享95折! ** 每個星期五收單,星期一寄出!**

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